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School’s Out For Occupy

2 Feb

I found this article from The Occupied Wall Street Journal.  Which anyone who is interested in the occupy movement should go check out if you haven’t already looked at it.

Also if you want to keep up to date about new articles, and more from The OWSJ follow them on twitter and facebook.

This article is basically saying the Mayor Bloomberg of New York along with the Department of Education intend to close 25 schools between 2011-2012.

Of these schools it is found that a disproportionate amount of the schools which are being closed have a disproportional amount of black students to white students.

“Only 13% of black and Latino students are college ready,” said Justice Hatterson, 17, from the Bronx. “But it’s only schools of minorities that are getting shut down.”

Mayor Bloomberg thought they were going to just sit back and take it but the community and student’s are doing the opposite and standing up for their rights and their freedoms.

I strongly support their actions,

and stand in solidarity with them,

I faith in their courage, and power.

As I do with every single individual on this planet.

I stand in you unity with you all.


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